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About the Wine Vintners Blog

Welcome to - The blog that shows your our way of making wine from grapes, how to store and age wine and some tips on how to drink wine.

I have always liked wine. What really cemented it was that in my early adulthood I was privileged to fly overseas in First Class. The wines were always delicious and selected to please discerning clients. Most were from French vineyards and these set the standards of what wine should taste like in future decades.

Wine was pretty reasonably priced at the time and I bought my wines from the store for many years. Home wine making was being engaged in by some friends but I stuck with my old strategy for quite a long time. In the early 1990s I was introduced to an Old Italian method of making wine from grapes that we show here on this site. It is not a commonly used methodology but each year I am producing better tasting wines than the years before. I was drawn to it not just for the flavor of the wine but also because it is a natural process. It is so natural that it could have been used thousands of years ago to make some of the first wines ever made. The recipe involves only grapes. There are no additives or preservatives used in the process. We do not add yeast or sugar…None!

We find that many friends who profess to be allergic to wine will have ours and get no reaction except the desire to enjoy more. Perhaps it is the preservatives that they are allergic to? Because it is all natural the flavors of the grapes are very dominant. We are finding that spending the extra money for old vine grapes is worth the extra cost. The wine produced from old vine grapes is better tasting sooner. Our 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Nuveau and Zinfandel Alecante are both very drinkable at age 8 weeks. I am very excited about the results when they are fully settled and aged.

We are finding that video is very friendly to show this process and explain how to copy it. You can find our video channel on youtube makewinefromgrapes and follow our video timeline here.

One of the major improvements in my wine making endeavors happened when we bought a house with a 10 foot by 18 foot, 3 sides cement room that creates the perfect conditions for a natural wine cellar. There are currently 650 potential bottles of wine down there at various stages of the aging process. The oldest is from 1998. Every year we make new wines from California grapes in early September. There is a process for caring for wine that takes years so we have updates and processes to show you all year round.

Our wine making system requires a lot of room and some capital investment in equipment. It is time consuming and time sensitive. You may not have the choice to devote as much time to your wine making system so we have included some less involved ways to make wine at home. One way is outlined in a downloadable e-book that we have for sale. We consider Wine Making System - How to Make wine from home, an additional option to the information that we provide on our "How to Make Wine page".

The interactive portion of this website is the 'Wine Vintner's Blog'. Using the contact form you can email us questions and your wine making stories and recipes which we will include on the blog as well. We are hoping to grow our FAQ (frequently asked questions) area over time to become an acclaimed wine making resource.

Other sections of the website address the need to understand wine aging and help you with building a wine cellar or enabling part of your home to act as a wine cellar. We also extended the website to include some tips on serving and how to drink wine.

Please enjoy the pages of and our recommended book should you choose to purchase it. Feel free to engage us with your questions and participate in our blog by using the website contact form.


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