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How to Drink Wine

November 28, 2010 by Wine Vintner

Have you ever been to a wine tasting party where the whole experience was fun, but left you somewhat unsatisfied?

That was my experience with the first few parties I attended while I was learning about wine.

Even though the hosts had tasting sheets and were fairly organized, it still left me wanting more. I had high hopes for the parties because I was interested in learning more about wine and discovering what I did and didn't like. And what better way to learn than in a fun atmosphere among friends.

While the social aspect of the parties was great, I don't think my wine knowledge or appreciation benefited.

In setting out to determine what would have made the tastings more beneficial I discovered the key mistake that most hosts do that make it almost impossible to really benefit your wine skills.

No doubt about it, do what I recommend and it will definitely speed up your learning curve. You will gain a feel for even the most subtle differences among the varietals.

They say that practice makes perfect, but that is not necessarily true. Perfect practice makes perfect. In other words, if you want to really learn about wine, then make sure your practice is designed to give you the most benefit.

Other stuff you will need when drinking wine

You will need to learn how to decant your wine properlyHow to decant wine

You will also probably need a proper wine glassWine Glasses

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