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Types of Wine

November 28, 2010 by Wine Vintner

Ron Smithers from Alberta Canada who asked "What are the different types of red and white wines and where are they grown in Canada?"

  • Types of Red Wine (Grape Varieties)

    • Pinot Noir - Quality Pinot Noir wine grapes have been grown in Ontario for some time in the Niagara Peninsula and especially the Short Hills Bench wine region, as well as in Prince Edward County and on the north shore of Lake Erie. It has also been grown recently in the Okanagan, Lower Mainland, and Vancouver Island wine regions of British Columbia and the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia
    • Merlot - It grows in many regions that also grow Cabernet Sauvignon but tends to be cultivated in the cooler portions of those areas. In areas that are too warm, Merlot will ripen too early
    • Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Shiraz or Syrah
    • Malbec - British Columbia and Ontario
    • Zinfandel
    • Sangiovese
    • Barbera

  • Types of White Wine (Grape Varieties)

    • Chardonnay - Chardonnay has seen some success with rich, oaky styles produced in Ontario and lighter styles produced in Quebec and British Columbia. The Chardonnay vintages of the early 1990s from British Columbia helped generate international attention to the quality of Canadian wines apart from ice wine varietals. In British Columbia, Chardonnay from the Okanagan are characterized by delicate citrus fruits.
    • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Semillon
    • Muscat
    • Pinot Grigio (Gris) - British Columbia and Ontario
    • Riesling - In Ontario, Riesling is commonly used for Icewine, where the wine is noted for its breadth and complexity.[33] Niagara is a major producer of ice wine in general, putting it neck-and-neck with Germany. Late Harvest wines and some sparkling wines are produced with Riesling in Niagara but it is table wines from dry to off-dry that hold the largest share of production. In British Columbia, Riesling is commonly grown for use in Icewine, table wine, and sekt style sparkling wines, a notable example of which is Cipes Brut.
    • Gewürztraminer - Canadian regions where it is grown include Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, the Niagara Peninsula, and the north shore of Lake Erie and Prince Edward County wine regions of Ontario.